Our Featured Speakers

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with some of the worlds best speakers – here are the people we love and suggest that can make your next meeting a huge success

Darrell Knoch
Darrell Knoch, creator of True Wealth University, and a businessman that has enjoyed enormous success for more than 35 years. Darrell has had the thrill of taking 5 companies to national and international levels, and seeing them generate billions of dollars in revenue!  Read More!
Wendy Lipton-Dibner
President, Professional Impact, Inc., Founder of Move People To Action System for Business AccelerationTM and Bestselling Author of:  Shatter Your Speed Limits® Fast-Track Your Success and Get What You Truly Want in Business and in Life, M.A.D. (Motivate-Align-Differentiate) Leadership for Healthcare – Proven Strategies to Get People To Do What You Want Them To Do.  Read More!
Michael Fishman
For over 20 years, Michael Fishman has been a leading advisor on marketing, positioning and strategy setting in the consumer health, wellness and personal development categories.
He has helped to grow a range of businesses offering content, supplements, pharmaceuticals and devices to every consumer segment, every lifestage and every philosophical position regarding what works to preserve and restore health.  Read more!